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About Us 
ART Aquatics is a swimming club operating @ Hougang Swimming Complex. We aim to not only teach and educate but also inculcate a sense of belonging and spirit of sportsmanship among our swimmers. Join ART Aquatics and be part of the family!!!
Our Core Values 

At our core, we prioritise a child's enjoyment over anything else. We firmly believe that a child learns most effectively when he or she is happy. We want all our swimmers, from every group, to enjoy themselves. Be that during learn-to-swim, or during competitive training practice. 


We wish to educate swimmers not only skill-wise but also further better their moral compass.  


Sport, specifically swimming, is more than just hard practice. It requires one to be mature and disciplined. We aim to instil such values of sportsmanship and kindness in our swimmers, enriching both their skills and minds. 


The ultimate goal of ART is to allow individuals to excel. We believe in the appreciation and enjoyment of the journey towards any goal, whether big or small. Our team of coaches aim to produce swimmers who are not only well-versed in technique or speed, but also swimmers who have the mindset and vigour of an athlete. 

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