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Head Coach Roland Tan 

"We welcome you to the ART family and on this exciting and challenging journey towards a fun, enriching and rewarding experience at ART Aquatics."

- Coach Roland Tan 

Coach Roland Tan established ART Aquatics on 1 October 2015. Being a relatively young swimming club, Coach Roland aspires for ART Aquatics to grow and touch many lives, benefitting those who may be lost, or those who are chasing their dreams. His 3 Es -- Enjoy, Enrich, Excel, are the core principles of which the swimmers of ART follow.


Coach Roland has been at the forefront of ART ever since its establishment. He coaches in both learn-to-swim and competitive training on a daily basis. Sometimes, spending an entire day at the pool. 


Coach Roland's vision is for swimmers of ART to grow and develop, both physically and mentally, and aspire to help others. He emphasises on "swimming with a purpose", but most importantly, swimming with a heart. That is the essence of ART Aquatics 

You can read more on how a swimmer with special needs is being inspired by Coach Roland at the section “Coach In Focus - Coaches Of Inclusive Sports” 
- August 2019 CoachSG News Letter

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